Lime Grapesicles


Lime Grapesicles

I saw a bunch of beautiful grapes at my supermarket, but when I got home I realized that they were not seedless. If there is something I greatly dislike, is seeds in my grapes. So I decided to make something else with them and then the idea of ice pops came to mind. These are all natural and extremely healthy as no sugar is added. However, if you do prefer extra sweetness try using honey before jumping to the sugar. Very kid friendly and adult approved!


If you have any extra mixture leftover pour it in an ice cube mold. Gives a great twist to a regular glass of water or juice!

This recipe makes 8 ice pops.


600g fresh purple grapes

2 limes, juiced


Add the grapes and lime juice to a blender and blend until smooth. Pass the mixture through a sieve and use a wooden spoon to press out all the juices.

Pour the mixture in the ice pop molds and put in the freezer. Best result is if you freeze overnight.

Note: if you are using separate sticks, allow the ice pops to freeze for 30-40 minutes before placing them. This will make sure they don’t move. Enjoy!



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