Bubbly Watermelon Cooler

Need a perfect cocktail for those summer evenings? Then I definitely have you covered! It’s an easy one, but very delicious and very refreshing. All you need is watermelon, vodka (or maybe try tequila) and prosecco. Want to be a bit adventurous? Try adding a few basil leaves, it just gives that extra kick. This... Continue Reading →

Cranberry Honey Whiskey Sour

Not your original whiskey sour, but even better! I am definitely not a big whiskey fan, in contrary to my husband who enjoys a glass now and again. He loves buying special bottles from different countries and tasting the difference. This means my vintage bar cart, which I adore, is filled with whiskey and barely... Continue Reading →

Citrus Cocktail

Vodka cocktail mixed with fresh grapefruit and lemon juice.  Summers in the Netherlands always seem to surprise me. When most people are preparing for fall we are getting hit by days as warm as 28C. Not that I am complaining, I mean I love fall, the clothing, pumpkins, trees with the orange leaves and so... Continue Reading →

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