Easy Pickled Red Onion

I love a good pickled onion. It just adds that extra touch to a dish. This is why I always make sure I have a jar filled in the fridge as it can be added to so many recipes. I know there are thousands of recipes out there for pickled onion but just wanted to... Continue Reading →

Apple Mustard Pork Sausage Rolls

These are amazing! Dare I say the best I have had so far? Yes! Like most of my recipes they are easy to make, just throw everything into your food processor and start making the rolls. The apple creates that perfect hint of sweetness while the mustard creates a slight extra edge. Such a tasty... Continue Reading →

Lemony Garlic Feta Dressing

I am definitely a sauce person. I love dressing salads, smothering my protein in sauce and dunking my potatoes in dips. I get excited when I come up with a new way to take a sauce, dip or dressing to the next level. This recipe has quickly become one of my favorites as it’s good... Continue Reading →

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