Cheesy Garlic Herb Twists

Garlic, fresh herbs and cheese.. is there a better combo? I think not! These puff pastry sticks are light, buttery and flakey. Perfect to be served with a glass of red wine (because why not!) and a great way to wow guests with this easy recipe.  This recipe makes 8 sticks Ingredients 375g puff pastry... Continue Reading →

Apple Mustard Pork Sausage Rolls

These are amazing! Dare I say the best I have had so far? Yes! Like most of my recipes they are easy to make, just throw everything into your food processor and start making the rolls. The apple creates that perfect hint of sweetness while the mustard creates a slight extra edge. Such a tasty... Continue Reading →

Asian Baked Chicken Wings

Asian Baked Chicken Wings My family loves their portion of chicken wings, especially Buffalo style with lots of blue cheese sauce. I am more of a boneless chicken kinda girl, however a few wings never hurt. I still had some noodles leftover, so I decided to make Asian hoisin chicken wings. They were sticky, salty,... Continue Reading →

Asian Chicken Meatballs

Asian Chicken Meatballs We have had so many dinner parties over the past two weeks that it kept getting more difficult to think of something to cook. I didn’t have a lot of time as most of them were during the week, so I wanted something easy while still trying to impress. This is why... Continue Reading →

Crab Croquettes/Bitterballen

Crab Croquettes/Bitterballen with a Basil Dip I could eat a croquette about anytime of the day. Definitely an obsession that just grew once I moved to the Netherlands. Here we call them bitterballen, and they are usually filled with beef or veal. I love switching it up with the ingredients and so far I have... Continue Reading →

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