Funky Asian Hot Dogs

Satay Hot Dogs with Sriracha Slaw and Roasted Peanuts Lately I have been into hot dogs; I guess I just realized you can top them with anything you want and trust me this is exactly what I have been doing. My previous hot dogs consisted of BBQ sauce, quail eggs, avocado sauce and fresh jalapeños.... Continue Reading →

Spicy Asian BBQ Tacos

Spicy Asian BBQ Beef Tacos Topped with Sweet Potato Noodles and a Lime dressing I seriously love my tacos; however I am definitely a soft taco shell kinda girl. I think I might have mentioned this before. This recipe is very simple, don’t get scared by the amount of ingredients because most of them you... Continue Reading →

Spicy Rice Salad

Spicy Rice Salad with a Lime and Sriracha Dressing This is an easy and filling salad that is a perfect dinner during the week. You can even make extra and pack it as a lunch the next day, it still tastes great. I kept it very simple but you can always add extra or different... Continue Reading →

Nachos with BBQ Pulled Pork

Nachos with BBQ Pulled Pork and Sriracha Crème Fraiche When eating nachos I want it to be loaded with some type of meat, vegetables and lots of cheese. Seriously, l mean a lot of cheese! My usual go to would be chili but today I went for BBQ pulled pork which was a nice change.... Continue Reading →

Asian Baked Chicken Wings

Asian Baked Chicken Wings My family loves their portion of chicken wings, especially Buffalo style with lots of blue cheese sauce. I am more of a boneless chicken kinda girl, however a few wings never hurt. I still had some noodles leftover, so I decided to make Asian hoisin chicken wings. They were sticky, salty,... Continue Reading →

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