Honey Fried Purple Rice

Honey Fried Purple Rice Purple rice, purple rice. Sorry that was just on constant repeat in my mind; had to get it out of my system. Anyways… This fried rice is the bomb! If I may say so myself. Also it looks amazing; I mean who doesn’t want to stare at those colors. Another advantage... Continue Reading →

Veggie Filled Fried Black Rice

Veggie Garden Fried Black Rice with Sautéed Prawns Hey guys! I have been helping my sister with a school project. She had to come up with a creative idea and has a few months to work it out. She decided to make a recipe book based on dishes that use eggs; whether it being the... Continue Reading →

Spicy Rice Salad

Spicy Rice Salad with a Lime and Sriracha Dressing This is an easy and filling salad that is a perfect dinner during the week. You can even make extra and pack it as a lunch the next day, it still tastes great. I kept it very simple but you can always add extra or different... Continue Reading →

Pumpkin, Carrot and Peanut Soup

  Pumpkin, Carrot and Peanut Soup Growing up my grandmother used to make peanut soup which I always enjoyed and never make enough myself. The past years my love for pumpkin has grown but my favorite dish will probably always be pumpkin soup. So why not combine these two ingredients and create one. The nutty... Continue Reading →

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